Team Sheila Completed the R.A.I. Irish Ultra Challenge in 66 hours 14 minutes.

A big thanks to our supporters, Go Car, One Escape Health Club, Dublin Bus, Bike2U & Dunboyne Oil.

A huge thanks to people who donated to Team Sheila

in aid of Hope Cancer Support Center in Enniscorthy.


Crossing the finish line in 66 hours and 14 minutes

Blackbox finish RAI

Official Finishing Time Above
finisher front

Official Finisher Medal - front and back - only awarded to those who finish within the set time of 68 hoursfinisher back


Team Photo

Welcome to our Endurance Cycling Teams Website

In Memory of the late Sheila Hutchinson, Wife to Tony, Mother to Collette, Ian, Elaine, grandmother to her 10 loving grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren and an inspiration to anyone who knew her.

 Please visit sheila's page, read, reflect and say a prayer for all we have loved and lost in our lives



Our goal is to complete a Solo 1100 km cycle map linked here, half way around Ireland in less than 68 hours in memory of the late Sheila Hutchinson.

We also hope to raise money for the Hope Cancer Support Charity.

As anyone who would have known Sheila, knows this was where she gave alot of her time to, in respect to her memory we decided to take part in this event to raise money for her favourite chairty.

We would also like to let people know there will be no moneys donated to this event that will be used to complete this event, it is all out of our own pockets, the sponsors that support us will only do so with support such as equipment that is theirs or services that they provide that can aid us in our cycle.

Please visit crew page for more information on the solo cyclist and crew

or watch our solo cyclist in action click here





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